Скачать инструкцию на русском языке тюнера tune bot и скачать договор купли продажи программного обеспечения

Tuning Calculator discover your sound. Choose Your Drum Sizes: . Choose Head Tuning Style: Batter Head Higher Resonant Head Higher. CALCULATE Настройка барабанов, тюнер, тюнер для барабанов, tine bot, tune-bot. Мануал на русском языке Электронный тюнер Overtone Labs Tune-Bot для смартфонов TUNE-BOT - скачать его можно на Appstore или Googleplay. Owner's Instruction Manual. Congratulations! You've invested in the first and only practical electronic tuner designed specifically for drums and drumsets.

Tune-bot studio! The new advanced drum-tuner from Overtone Labs. Tune to notes, match lug pitches and easily save tunings! New high-pitch range and.

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